The Classic series represents the classical construction project of pressed doors with pantographs or flat – with or without framesets.
Each door has its own unique design, you can also create your own combinations.


Door leaf construction
The construction of door leaf consists of a wooden frame filled with stabilizing core “honeycomb” and is covered from both sides with MDF.

Frame construction
The frame construction is made of plywood and the trims are from plywood also.

Finishing – Coating
The leaf, the door frame and trims, are coated with veneer various wood and polish with water-based paints (environmentally and user friendly) from a wide range of colours.

Standard equipment
• Three bolt hinge, simple interior lock and rubber.
• The color of the standard hardware are yellow (gold).

Extra equipment
• Change color from yellow to inox.
• Dual bolt hinges with three settings on yellow and inox.
• Lock “mediana”, safety lock, safe lock, cylinder lock.
• Rod aluminum 10mm x 3 mm or 5mm x 3mm or 4mm (Rounded).
• GLASS frame
• The door can be produced with squared frame and trim of 10cm.

Door dimensions
• Wall thickness: 10cm – 13cm – 15cm – 24cm. For wider use extension.
• Door width: 64cm – 69cm – 74cm -79cm – 84cm – 89m – 94cm – 99cm.
• Height: up to 214cm and below (cover with trim of 2,19cm).

Can be produced in specific dimensions.

The range is completed with sliding door and lofts.

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